Interview with Tech Influencer, Antonio Grasso

In celebration of our 6th anniversary at, we had the privilege of interviewing a digital transformation expert, Antonio Grasso.

Antonio Grasso is a globally recognized tech influencer with combined followership of a million people across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In this interview, we discussed his expert opinion in tech areas like the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cyber security, drones, FinTech and much more.

As a digital transformation expert, Antonio Grasso has developed efficient strategies and influenced big brands like Adobe, Huawei, FreshWorks, Ant Financial, Cisco, Oracle, IBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Ricoh, VMWare, etc.

He has also worked with small businesses, leading them to success with his big ideas. I’m optimistic you will learn something from our conversation that will help you maximize technology like you’ve never done before.

Below are the conversations Emenike Emmanuel, founder of had with entrepreneur and digital transformation expert, Antonio Grasso.

Emenike: I have read a lot about you. I’m a big fan of your infographics. I’ve shared quite a good number of these infographics on my platforms and my audience loves them. I also know that you started your career as a software developer. However, I’m pretty sure there is more to Mr. Antonio Grasso. Can you tell us how you started your career as a software developer?

Antonio: I’ve always had a passion for creativity and software development is pure creativity. I like science a lot and I am a huge fan of technology. Passion and creativity in the area of science and technology are the recipes for becoming a developer.

Emenike: Why did you transition from software development to becoming a tech influencer, and digital transformation advocate?

Antonio: To be honest, it happened by accident, without looking for it. After creating my startup in 2016, I thought about highlighting my skills through sharing on social media. The strategy was to give visibility to my company through the founder’s skills. In part, the company benefited from it but the real transformation was mine. From being a developer to a thought leader and technologist.

Emenike: You’ve consulted for many big tech companies to help them develop mind-blowing strategies. What role do you think blockchain, artificial intelligence and the internet of things will play in solving global economic problems?

Antonio: To solve global economic problems, we need the will of our leaders. Technology can help us to include; to be closer to everyone but real change will happen when we finally succeed in transforming shareholder capitalism towards stakeholder capitalism. From then on, technology will help us do better, but our will is inescapable.

Emenike: What do you think are the biggest mistakes companies will likely face when they embrace all-around digital transformation?

Antonio: The biggest mistake is focusing only on technology. Technology alone is not enough. It takes strategy, culture, talent, and then technology to have an all-around digital transformation. Together they can offer us a successful transformative path.

Emenike: What are the top tools you highly recommend businesses should start maximizing today?

Antonio:  A multifaceted use of artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and blockchain can lead to unthinkable innovations for almost all industrial sectors.

Internet of Things, Blockchain and AI as explained by Antonio Grasso

Emenike: What’s your advice for businesses as a leader?

Antonio: Always putting people at the center is the wisest thing a leader can think of to grow their business in a constantly evolving world that sees people increasingly at the center of everything.

Emenike: How can our audience connect with you? Your website and social media handles.

Antonio Grasso Blog:

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Emenike Emmanuel
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