Advantages of animated commercial video ad

Are you considering using an animated commercial video ad in your next campaign? Have you tried various marketing strategies for your business but none seems to work? And now you are looking for other marketing tools that can attract more customers to your business.

An animated commercial video ad is another goldmine for marketing if properly done. Gone are the days animated video ads were reserved only for big corporations that could afford them. With the advancement in technology, setting up an animated commercial video ad is becoming cheaper.

With a little budget, you can have one of the most captivating animated videos in the world. 

How is Animation Used in Advertising?

Animation is used in advertising to capture the essence of your brand and express exactly what you want your audience to understand about your product or service.

According to Dream Farm Studio, the most viewed animated video is the shorter one; between 2 to 3 minutes. Stunning graphics is one of the captivating features of commercial video animation.

Crisp media collected data that shows that banner ads with animation are 4.5 times more effective than static ads. An animated commercial video ad even has a higher click or view rate. The creativity in video animation makes it more attractive and entertaining than ordinary video.

There are hundreds of benefits you can enjoy from animated video ads. We coined the 7 benefits of an animated commercial video ad to take a look at below.

The Seven Benefits of Animated Commercial Video Ad 

1. They are more effective in delivering result says animation videos have typically higher engagement rates up to 30% more than ordinary videos. This is one of the reasons more and more companies opt for commercial animation videos than ever.

It is a marketing fact that more engagement usually leads to more sales. When prospects engage more in your video advert, there are higher chances of generating more quality leads that can eventually convert to customers.

Animated videos are explainers. Its creativity makes it more explanatory and this is responsible for the higher engagement and conversion. Although, it could be at times more costly than ordinary video depending on the type and complexity.

Despite this, a small business can still opt for short and low-cost animated videos with 3D quality. You can hire an animation artist on a low budget who will still deliver a good result for your business.

2. You will have complete control over everything

No matter how complex everything seems to be, your 3d animation allows you to put it under control with creativity. Today, you can easily pass a lot of messages due to the creativity and flexibility of the artwork. You can as well use both text and video in such a way that makes your message appealing. 

There is a limit to how ordinary video can be edited due to human nature. But, commercial video animation is an artwork that has a kind of flexibility. You can twist it to your desired design.

3. Your brand recall is high

There is a way the animation works on the human brain that makes them appear in the memory for a long time. When you use a high-quality color design like 3D, it will stay in your customers’ memory for a long.

Another advantage of an animated commercial video ad is that your customers will feel connected to your brand. When they connect to your brand, it will automatically trigger repeat patronage. Generally, businesses need consistent patronage of their customers for survival and growth.

So, a well-designed animated video with a good presentation will probably take your brand to the next level. This could be the main reason the big brands across different industries are now using animated commercial video advertising.


4. Quick explanation

One thing about this is, that your complex idea can be explained in a few minutes or even a second. Customers do not have time to watch a long video. It is even more important if you are running an online campaign. 

There are thousands of competitors doing something similar to yours. This is why your video must be captivating. Make your marketing videos as short as possible you can. The use of a 3D commercial video animation can help you accomplish it.

The shorter and more quality the pictures of your video, the higher the chances that a viewer will watch it till the end. Hire the services of the best animation artist that can serve your purpose as you create marketing videos for your brand.

5. Boost buyer loyalty

Video animation is fun and captivates and retains your viewers’ attention to come around often. It is most likely that your customers will stay around longer as they stick to your animation commercial video.

They are more likely to be expecting your next video due to the edutainment process embedded. This also makes it easy for them to refer their friends and family to your brand. 

To really enjoy optimum brand loyalty, your consistency is important. You need to feed them with your optimized message regularly.

Gaining brand loyalty of customers in large numbers will take a process and longer term. But with video animation, the process will be faster. At the same time, you will need to exercise patience. 

6. Animated video ads increase your site’s SEO

Animated video ads increase your site's SEO

Ranking high on search engines is an important factor for any business website seeking better patronage. Google algorithm is friendly to animated video. This helps your site rank high on search engines and you know this could lead to more sales. 

Linking your video advert with YouTube can also make a difference. Metro trains- Dumb Ways To Die saw over 244 million views on YouTube. It is a 2D animated video that continues to enjoy daily views on YouTube.

To get started, build a well-structured website for your business first. Add a good animated commercial video ad and make sure you include other materials that will help you rank high on Google. Learning and mastering YouTube SEO will also be a great advantage to help your video animations perform better online. 

7. It brings more viewers to your YouTube channel

If you don’t have a YouTube channel for your brand, start building one right away. This is a media channel that will quickly grow your brand if done properly. You rarely see a big brand that doesn’t have a YouTube channel.

After you have done this, instead of using only ordinary videos, try animations. This will help you increase your brand awareness and attract more customers. Consistency is key when it comes to growing a successful YouTube channel.

You must feed your audience with new creative videos occasionally. YouTube video helps you stay connected to your customers. This can as well foster loyalty between your business and the customers.


Animation started as far back as 1603 with the Magic Lantern. With the development of technology, it evolved beyond American borders and spread around the world. Since then, animation has been in use for various purposes including marketing.

Coca-Cola is among the very first companies to use commercial animation videos. It quickly gained adoption by viewers and was found to be useful for sales and marketing. 

Your readiness to explore various strategies in using animation for commercial purposes could skyrocket your business success. There are some benefits that can only surface as you are doing the right thing in the marketing process.

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