How to Securely Download Videos From Your Favourite Online Streaming Apps Like Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube Premium

How to download videos from your favourite streaming apps securely

Is it possible to safely download videos from one’s favourite online streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube Premium? The answer is yes.

Streaming needs a connection to the internet. Nope. Nope. Here are the ways to download videos and view Netflix, Amazon, Hulu videos, and more during the grid.

In the old days of several years ago, films and TV shows were downloaded for on-the-go viewing from PCs to iPods. But the ubiquity of streaming services means that you have an internet connection that is all the entertainment you could want. 

But if that doesn’t happen, how else can one watch their favourite movies and documentaries without the internet? 

Wireless internet access is not everywhere, and dead areas are accurate. Ask anybody who has a tunnel to travel. It’s a hair puller when you come to the close of an episode and run out of buffered video. 

Fortunately, many streaming services are now available for offline viewing to download content. This means that even if you enter the tunnel, go through the plains or take to the skies, you can finish this film or TV season finale. 

How to Down Videos from Netflix Safely and with Speed

How to download videos from Netflix with ease using an app

You cannot download the entire Netflix catalog for offline view, but you can add Netflix Originals. 

Tap the download icon () at the base of your screen to find something and click Find Anything you could download from (Android) (iOS). Also, to enjoy special add-ons, use this Netflix downloader app. 

If you have a show or movie in mind already, go to the list and search for the description download icon. 

If it’s a TV show, scroll down to the individual episode and look for it. Tap it, and your selection downloads to your device. Tap the Downloads button again on the main screen if you want to see it later.

Set Netflix to Standard Video Quality, which is faster to download and will take less space for storage purposes.

Here’s how to set Netflix to Standard Video Quality before downloading videos online: > Settings for app > Video quality download > Standard tap the hamburger menu.

You can also install the Netflix app to download over WiFi only, turn on “Smart Downloads,”  and delete all downloads once. On this app, you can set a Netflix application to download only WiFi.

You can set the Download Location in the Android file, so as to tell Netflix where to send downloads if you have external storage options, such as an SD card. 

The playback is limited to the downloaded device; the app mainly places the DRM in the file and locks it to the device in which it resides. You can not exchange cards with friends or even your machines (like a PC). 


How to Legally Download Your Favourite Videos from Amazon Prime Video

How to download Amazon Prime Videos legally

Select movies and videos streamed on Amazon Prime Video — available via Amazon Prime for $119 a year or $8.99 separately a month — available for download to an iOS, Android, or Amazon Fire OS phone or tablet.

A () download button is displayed in iOS or Android on eligible videos in the Prime Video app. Download or click on a single episode for a qualifying TV show throughout the entire season.

Hit the Download button on iOS and My Stuff > Android downloads to watch a show or movie downloaded.

If there is a problem with storage, go to Settings () > Streaming & Download > Download quality and choose Good, Better, or Best, which shows how many videos you use in one hour. 

Go to My Stuff > Icon of gear configuration > Stream & Download > Quality Download on Android. For tiny, low-resolution versions, Android users get a data saver setting. Insert it to Always Ask, and you’ll notice a pop-up with every click on the download icon if you want to change it with each download. 

Under Stream Download, you can only do the same on iOS in Settings > Streaming & Downloading > Downloading on WiFi Only. You will need to save your carrier and phone data charge only on WiFi. 

There are restrictions on availability, but you can find most primary originals and everything distributed on Amazon. Unfortunately, premium channel add-ons such as HBO, Showtime, and Starz don’t allow downloads.

Amazon is, of course, more than prepared to rent or sell you movies and shows not streamed in Prime. Apple iOS users must purchase or lease a browser from and go back to the Prime Video application to view it (that way, Amazon does not have to give Apple a cut of the purchase price). Please note that generally, Amazon displays an HD version that can take up more space and cost than SD. For SD, click on “More buying options.” Tap iOS shopping. Use My Stuff on Android > Shopping.


How Experts Download their Favourite Videos from YouTube Premium Streaming App

How to download your favourite videos on YouTube Premium

YouTube’s download of videos is a cottage industry. Providers are flooding PCMag to receive a mention in our video download tutorial for YouTube. Even if the YouTube terms of service are not explicitly violated, such options may prevent people from getting money on YouTube (aka, their livelihood).

To keep up and down, subscribe to YouTube Premium for $11,99 per month that axes commercials, provides access to YouTube Originals (professionals shows), YouTube Music, and allows video downloads. 

For example, the YouTube Premium is $45.99 per month. All can be tried accessible through the YouTube app for a whole month. (Careful buyer: if you set up Premium via the iOS app, it costs $15.99 a month, Google will charge you additional, pass Apple customer tax.) Students pay $6.99 per month only; up to five family members may share $17.99 per month with their family members. 

The app is displaying a Premium logo once you have subscribed. On the iOS or Android phone or tablet, click on a Save icon () and select the quality of your video: Medium or high (720p) (360p video) â some have a low (144p) alternative. If you like, take a complete playlist. Once the download is full, the icon turns blue. In the Downloads tab, access them from the Library tab.

YouTube Premium naturally restricts playback to the same account device. After 30 days, downloads will vanish. Only if you subscribe will you be able to see the download button after the free trial. You can’t download videos on your YouTube Premium before clearing some space.

All YouTube Originals work for downloads. No show is household names exactly, but it might be because you’re not less than 18 years old. As for all the videos on YouTube, the uploader/owner can decide whether you can download them. You can likely find something to download and watch with 300 hours of video uploaded every minute.

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