How to Spy on Your Dropshipping Competitors in 2022

In order to master how to run a highly successful e-commerce business, experts now rely on Niche Scraper to spy on their dropshipping competitors.

Niche Scraper is the world’s most effective competitor research tool when it comes to identifying winning products sold by e-commerce experts with a high level of accuracy.

Before I discuss with you how this dropshipping product research tool works and why it’s considered to be the best Ecomhunt alternative, let’s look at other interesting ways to spy on your dropshipping competitors.

You can as well call them the best competitor research tool of 2022 because they will expose you to the fast-selling Shopify dropshipping products your competitors have in their Shopify stores at every point in time.

Below are 3 super-fast tools and strategies with which you can spy on your e-commerce competitors without missing out on the winning products even if you are lazy or on a shoestring budget.

1. BuiltWith

When you want to find exactly the tools and features your Shopify competitors are using to power up the functionalities and designs of their dropshipping store, BuiltWith is the tool to rely on.

This amazing technology reveals all the tools and files a website is built with.

Knowing these tools makes it super-easy for you to replicate their result on your new e-commerce store.

If the Shopify store you are spying on is already successful, chances are, people love to shop on their online store because of the functionality and user-friendliness of the website.


How does BuiltWith work in the e-commerce sector? 

This competitor research tool finds the technology stack of a website and makes it available when you look it up using the URL of the dropshipping store. Just enter the URL of the Shopify store and click lookup.

Once that is done, this Australia-based tech company called BuiltWith, cofounded by Gary Brewer analyses your site and delivers all the tools that made it what it is. With these tools, you can reverse-engineer everything.

Spying on your competitors not only helps you to find winning products to promote, but it also saves you the time of building from scratch all over again.

What are some of the features that will be revealed when you look up a dropshipping store on BuiltWith? When you run a technology lookup on your competitor’s online store, you will discover the following:

  • The payment gateway they are using to collect payment globally.
  • Their preferred web hosting provider.
  • The analytics and tracking tools they are using to monitor their web visitors and how they behave on their dropshipping store.
  • The various widgets and themes that gave the website the design it has.
  • The tool they are using to speed up their website.
  • What they consider to be the best email marketing service provider for an e-commerce store they are using for lead capturing.
  • And many more

While BuiltWith helps you to find all the technologies that power a website, there are yet other tools and strategies you will need to successfully spy on your dropshipping competitors effortlessly.


2. Discover a Dropshipping Competitor’s Hidden Online Store Using These Shopify Tricks

You can’t spy on a Shopify competitor if you don’t know their online store address.

This is why I want to show you a hidden strategy and trick you can use to discover the exact Shopify stores of your competitors, their most trending dropshipping products and an estimate of their sales volume.

The first step when it comes to finding your Shopify dropshipping competitors is to know your dropshipping niche. Know exactly the product you want to promote so that you can use the trick I’m about to reveal next to find your competitor’s URL.

Visit Google Search bar and enter this: “keyword”.

Spy on your Shopify dropshipping competitors selling Bluetooth speakers
Spy on your Shopify dropshipping competitors selling Bluetooth speakers

Let’s assume you are a dropshipping Bluetooth speaker, your keyword will be “Bluetooth speaker.”

Another unique strategy you can use to spy on top e-commerce stores and copy their winning product is through the use of Xpareto Tool.

How does Xpareto tool work? 

On the homepage of Xpareto website, you will see a display of top-performing Shopify stores, their store address, an estimate of their daily e-commerce traffic, rating, the direct link to their best-selling products and their active Facebook campaigns.

If you are dropshipping luxury watches, you can easily find your competitors using Xpareto tool by simply entering the keyword, “Watch” in the search bar provided. Once that is done, they will display all Shopify stores that deal on watches beginning with the most popular dropshipping store and down to the infamous ones.

Although Xpareto is a powerful eCom hack, it is still not as powerful as Niche Scraper. In fact, many e-commerce experts have agreed that Niche Scraper is the best alternative to both EcomHunt and Xpareto when it comes to finding winning products to sell online from anywhere in the world.


3. Spy on Your Dropshipping Competitors Using Niche Scraper

Now you’ve been able to find the technology that powers your competitor’s website, you’ve seen their exact store address and you’ve seen their rating, it is time to dive deep into knowing their winning products.

Remember, the objective is to spy on your dropshipping competitors so that you can get their winning dropshipping products and replicate their success.

How do you find winning dropshipping products in 2022? It is through the use of a powerful niche research bot called Niche Scraper.

This tool can also help you find high ticket dropshipping products with ease.

Without a tool like Niche Scraper, finding the best high ticket dropshipping niche in 2022 can be a thorn in the flesh considering how saturated dropshipping products are being peddled from China to the United States, the UK, Australia and as far as Bulgaria.

That goes to show that it’s not enough to spy on your top-selling Shopify competitors, you want to be sure you are selling the exact same dropshipping winning products they are promoting using the same website tools and functionalities they are using.

Let’s look at a brief breakdown of how Niche Scraper works.

How does Niche Scraper work?

Before I tell you how Niche Scraper works, let’s look at what it is, who founded it, in what year and why?

What is Niche Scraper? Niche Scraper is a software as a service tool built by a former Facebook programmer called Eric Smith for the purpose of helping dedicated dropshippers to research winning products they can sell on their own eCommerce stores, whether they’re on Shopify, WooCommerce, or anywhere else. 

Eric took advantage of his experience as a programmer to create a SaaS tool that helped him stay ahead of his competitors in the dropshipping business. 

I know this article is not about motivation but I would be glad if you can allow this short story about Eric Smith, an ex-employee of Facebook and founder of Niche Scraper to inspire you.

Now, can we look at how Niche Scraper works?

The goal of Niche Scraper is to help you find winning products using an effective research bot. 


Let me show you what the dashboard of the premium version of Niche Scraper looks like below.

What the dashboard of Niche Scraper used for finding winning dropshipping products look like
Dashboard of Niche Scraper

From the image above, you can see that the dashboard is broken into 3 key parts: product discovery segment, market research segment and the marketing tools section (new feature under beta test).

Under the product discovery segment you will see two sections: the product scraper and the handpicked products.

Under the market research segment you will have store analysis. 

Niche Scraper spy on dropshipping winning products
Niche Scraper spy on dropshipping winning products

Inside the store analysis segment of Niche Scraper, you can see a complete analysis of any Shopify store beginning from the most popular to the least famous ones, You will see the following:

  • Store address
  • Alexa ranking
  • Estimated monthly traffic 
  • Estimated monthly revenue
  • Estimated monthly orders
  • Average product price
  • And all their recently added products and their prices

Armed with all these secrets about what your competitor is promoting, including their Facebook ad campaigns, you can easily know the winning products to go after, who to target and its revenue potential.

Would you like to start using this powerful niche and product research bot in spying on your dropshipping competitors and successfully replicate their results? Click on the link below to sign on to this SaaS tool today at a huge discount.

Niche Scraper pricing is only $49.95 per month. You can easily recover this registration cost a thousand times with a single winning dropshipping product you discover. The best part is that you can always cancel at any time – I bet you, you won’t like to stop.

You can easily enroll for the Pro Membership plan of $49.95 with your card or PayPal.

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