Useful Hacks for the New MacBook Users

What is the first thing you should do when you buy a new MacBook for the first time? Can these MacBook hacks improve your productivity?

MacBooks are well-recognized to perform exceptionally well actions while giving tough competition to the ever-green Windows computer systems. Be it the swirling performance or unbeatable line of features, MacBooks are turning out to be the first preference of everyone from gamers to IT professionals. Knowing your shortcuts can to a large extent increase your productivity.

Where people get enough praise for the performance and other aspects of Mac, many newbie MacBook owners find it difficult to juggle with the machine’s common issues. No matter if you are buying a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or iMac, you should be familiar with common hacks to deal with unexpected problems. 

Keyboard – If you have been using a Windows system so far and now hopping on to a MacBook, you may end up seeing a lot of problems with the keyboard. Why? Because the MacBook’s and Windows keyboards are slightly different, it is a unique factor between the OS (operating system) types. Where MacBook offers the liberty to add an emojis keyboard; additionally, you may not witness such factors in a Windows system. As most of us use emojis almost in every text exchanged, getting an additional emoji pane on board makes it easier to access the MacBook keyboard. 

Thinking about how to get it done? Well, position the cursor on the screen where you would like to add a selected emoji, then press the command + ctrl + space; this emoji keyboard will display the detailed pane on the screen. Now surf through the emojis and multiple categories to find a suitable emoji for your text. 


Note – This trick works the best in emails and messages. If it does not appear, you may see a triangle displayed on the screen. 

Capture screenshots using snipping tools

Taking screenshots is not a big hassle for Windows, but that can turn out to be a challenge if you are new to experiencing MacBook. Luckily, we have a line of snipping tools available to make that happen. You can capture the screenshots for a specific area using hit command + shift + 4, and you can see a crosshair. Drag it to a desirable area to capture the exact screenshot. It is often counted as one of the Mac startup items to deal with, especially when you are new to accessing a MacBook. 

Spotlight is your new calculator 

It acts as a wonderful calculator having multiple features and options to try. To launch Spotlight on your system, all you need is to hit the command + space bar. After this, type the complete equation (for instance – 1 + 1) to give it a try.


A quick wrap-up of these MacBook hacks

Both Windows and MacBook come with their own unique features and leverages. Despite Windows having a lot of plus points, a majority of people prefer to rely on MacBooks. The reasons are clear – impeccable performance, great user experience, and never-ending scope of improvising the features. People love to hop on MacBooks the most; they should not forget to surf through the factors that enhance the experiences while giving you ample knowledge about dealing with the common issues encountered. When embarking on business travels, do not forget to go with your MacBook.

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