5 Qualities of a Perfect Press Release

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Do you want to improve your business marketing strategy, increase your visibility and drive more sales? Then, together with your regular advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, etc., you will need to engage the press. 

Although advertising with the press and other media outlets may seem unconventional, it is an unexplored means of promotion that you can make use of to improve your sales and showcase your business to a large audience. 

An example of a platform that used the press to promote their brand is BeardBrand, a blog for men with beards. They were featured in just a story on the New York Times Magazine and they moved from a regular blog to one of the foremost brands in terms of men’s grooming products. 

Your business can also gain new heights and grow into a popular brand no matter the industry with press and mass media. Hence, you will need to master the art of writing a perfect press release. 

While you can sit and wait till your business gets in the way of a news reporter, you can master the art of writing a perfect press release that will get the attention of every news reporter and ultimately get published in your local news agency.

The choice is solely yours to make as an entrepreneur. If you would wait till your business gets in the path of a news reporter, you may have to wait till you are Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk or Bill Gates. But with a good press release, you can enjoy tractions from the mass media even though you are just starting out. 

To learn how to write a successful press release, let’s start by discussing the definition of a press release. 

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a brief document that is written to let the press and other media outlets know about something your business is up to or has done. It is sent to journalists and editors announcing a move by your business which can be turned into a news article. 

When Quidax, founded by Buchi Okoro was launched in 2017, it generated a couple of press releases. A press release would contain a summary of all the information needed to publish news content for your business. 


Not sure if you should write a press release for your business or product? These benefits will change your mind. 

Benefits of Writing a Press Release

Here are some of the benefits of writing a mind-blowing pressing release.

1. Cost-effective 

Writing a press release is cost-effective and a vital tool to add to your marketing strategy if you are running your business on a shoestring budget. You can gain a lot of customers and enjoy a scale-up of your business at little or no cost. 

2. Control 

Your press release will typically contain the side of your business you want the public to see, not some random stuff the press may publish about it. This gives you control over what is shared about your business. 

3. SEO and Web Traffic Increase 

If your website gets published on a news site like the New York Times or the Huffington Post, you are sure of getting an unmetered flow of traffic because these sites have a large audience following them already. 

And also, a backlink from these websites will positively impact your website’s search engine optimization. 


The Ideal Length of a Quality Press Release

Before hiring a freelance writer to create a compelling press release for your company, one of the frequently asked questions you need to sort out is what the ideal length of a quality press release should be.

The ideal length of a press release is about an A4 side or about 300 to 400 words (the length of a short news item). That’s just three or four short paragraphs and a couple of thought-provoking, real-life quotes that could help beef up the authenticity of your brand message.

Now, let’s talk about some of the amazing characteristics of a press release that will make it pass as a perfect one that gets published on authority news platforms. You will be more motivated to create a perfect press release for your startup when you understand what happens when you get published on authority blogs.

5 Qualities of a Perfect Press Release 

The following are five (5) of the most important qualities a perfect press release must contain:

1. Newsworthiness 

The first and certainly the most important quality your press release must have is newsworthiness. The content of your press release must be worthy of publication in the mass media as news. 

A perfect press release with all the other necessary qualities without newsworthiness will not see the light of the day or get published.

What makes a press release newsworthy?” A press release is considered to be newsworthy if it is timely, significant and touches a large share of human interest. Your press release should affect a good number of people, be a current event or trend, and readily engage with people. 

2. Attention-grabbing 

This is one quality of news generally. It is the idea behind having headlines. We demystified how to write attention-grabbing headlines in this eBook, The Magic Headline Hooks. The truth is, the more attention-grabbing a news headline and content is, the more people can get to interact with it. 

The attention-grabbing quality relates largely to headlines than with the body of the news article. Your press headline must command and attract the attention of anyone who sees it. 

Craft an appealing headline that is irresistible for anyone to pass. Your headline is the first thing people see and most persons will read a written piece when the headline is appealing and exciting enough. 

The headline of your press release must capture the attention of the media agency and everyone that reads it. It should be direct, comprehensive and contain action verbs. This will drive in huge engagements and user interactions.


3. Answer the “5Ws”

In the body of your press release, add the very important details of your brand by answering the 5Ws. The 5Ws are What, When, Who, Where, and Why? You should answer these in a format that makes it impossible for your press release to be ignored by the reporter or media agency you send it to. 

Answer questions like who is involved? What is the news about? When did it happen or when is it going to happen? Why should the news be published? And where is the event taking place? This will provide essential information in the body of your news content.

4. Boilerplate Text 

Apple Boilerplate for press release writing

Apple Boilerplate

This will come after you have narrated what the news is about. The boilerplate text is a summary of what your business or brand is about. 

In your boilerplate text, you are giving important, must-know facts about your business and your aspirations as an organizational body all in a summary. This part is one of the two qualities that actually promote your business in your press release. 

When people read your boilerplate text, they get to know in clear terms what you and your business are about. 

5. Contact Details 

The final part of your press release should have your business contact details so that the news reporter or editor can get back to you and if published, interested members of the public can reach out to you.  Your business email address, phone number, website or any other means through which you can be reached should be added to your press release. 



Remember, how to write a successful press release for an event like a fashion show, product launch or music concert are entirely different even though they may have some of the characteristics we listed above. 

You need to understand your industry and the kind of news you think media houses are dying to publish. 

Meanwhile, because a particular media company rejected your press release doesn’t mean you can’t tweak it and take it to other authority media platforms like blogs with high domain authority and traffic volume and still get noticed and published.

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