5 Signs It Is Time to Start Looking for a New Job After a Company Is Sold

How do you know it is time to start hunting for a new job when the company you are gainfully employed with is acquired? Are there signs to look out for to know that it is time to quit your job?

There’s an obvious panic among employees when the company they work for is merged or acquired by a big-brand company. You can only be naive not to notice it.

Some employees without seeing any warning sign jump out immediately and start looking for a new job opportunity for the fear of being laid off abruptly while some hang in there until they walk into the office on a bright new day only to realize that they no longer have access to their computer – they are fired

If you are an employee who cares about his mental state, you need to know that you can work in a 9-to-5 job for 30 years and the decision to lay you off can be concluded in two days. So, it’s important to look out for warning signs that it is time to go job hunting again when the company you work for has been merged or acquired.

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Mergers and acquisitions come with lots of challenges and one of them is the panic of people losing their jobs and people resigning voluntarily.

Here are the top 5 signs that it is time to update your resume again and start submitting job applications all over again to your dream companies.

1. There’s a massive layoff of colleagues you respect

Some CEOs actually derive joy in firing the most brilliant, respected and assumingly indispensable employee in an organization to send a signal to others that they can be easily replaced.

If you work with an organization that was newly merged or acquired and you notice a thing like that, brace up. That’s a glaring warning sign that it is time to quit your job and move to another organization.

The moment a respected colleague is laid off, it weakens the morale of everyone else in the organization. This can affect the productivity of other employees that hold the fired employee in high-esteem.

If they can fire him, they can also fire you too. If it drains your energy, then you have no business being there anymore.

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2. The new leadership has no value for people

An unpopular way to prove to your employee that you have still value for them even why laying them off is to carefully explain to them verbally or in the text exactly why you think laying them off is a good decision for the growth and sustainability of the business.

CEOs that have absolutely no regard for their employees can wake up on the wrong side of the bed, move to the office and fire anyone they feel like firing without explanation.

If you work in an organization where this is a norm, then that’s a warning sign that it is time to start looking for a new job.

Except you don’t have relevant skills that are in high demand in the marketplace, you have no business working under leadership that no longer values people.

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3. Too many incompetent people are hired due to sentiments

I remember working with a company where the most basic criteria in the hiring process were if the applicant speaks the same language. Zero emphases were placed on competence.

It was horrible watching how they would nearly turn the company meeting into a village meeting – where everyone, except me, spoke their native dialect. Luckily for me, I understood their language.

If you find yourself in such an organization, it is time to go – quit the damn job.

Growing incompetence can rub off on you if care is not taken. The moment almost all the star employees start quitting their job and are being replaced with incompetent jobbers or temporary employees for no valid reasons, then start preparing to quit the job.

Because a company was acquired or merged is not enough for star employees that have upheld the brand name to quit.

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4. They increased your workload without a corresponding paycheck

When a startup is merged or acquired, it is okay to expect an increase in your workload. The worst part is if some employees in your department were laid off.

I have no problem with whatever move the company decides to make in maximizing profit as quickly as possible which includes a reduction in the workforce but my problem is when they refuse to increase your paycheck.

After a merger and acquisition, and a corresponding layoff, the workload will multiply and so should the reward. When it doesn’t happen, it is a sign that you should start dusting your resume again.

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5. Your new boss doesn’t know jack about the business model

The most important aspect of a business is the model. How exactly does the business work? If your new boss is completely lost in that area, forget it, the business will be laid astray. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be there when it will happen, right?

After a proper transition, intelligent CEOs go for a refresher course to learn more about the nature of their new business, the business value chain, what their customers really want and the various roles employees in the organization are expected to play.

If your boss declines these things, forget it, you are better off looking for a new job. You can learn how to write a knockout application letter and resume online.

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While still at the job, refresh your resume using some of the best resume templates online for your industry and do not quit until you have gotten another job.

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