How to Get an 800 Toll-free Number for Your Business with Ease in 2021

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Do you want to start using an 800 toll-free number in your business in 2021 Do you have any idea the huge positive impact having a toll-free number would have on your business? How about when you integrate a VoIP service to it?

If you truly care about your customers and would want your prospects to perceive you as an authority in your industry, be it insurance, construction or e-commerce then you should be using a toll-free number.

What is a toll-free number?

A toll-free number is a phone number that can be dialed without the one calling being billed for it. Take for instance you are trying to make an inquiry about a certain policy offered by an insurance company and you decide to dial in through their toll-free number, you won’t be billed a dime for it.

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That way, you won’t be in a haste to end the conversation and the insurance agent on the other end will have all the time to convince you of how their insurance policy works.

Toll-free numbers always start with a unique 3 digit code as its prefix. 800 is the most widely used prefix for toll-free numbers. However, you can still buy toll-free numbers with the following prefixes 833, 888, 877, 844, or 855.

The interesting thing is that toll-free numbers that can be routed to cell phones or business land-lines.

Here are the 5 key steps you can follow to get the best toll-free number that will be of great help in growing your business.

1. Decide Why You Need an 800 Number for Your Business

Why do you think you need an 800 toll-free number for your business in 2020? Have you heard interesting stories of how effective it has been for your competitors and you think it’s time to get one for yourself?

You need to really decide why you need it before even considering the toll-free number service provider near you, you can get one from.

Here are some of the amazing reasons why you might need to consider using a toll-free number for your voice with a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology support:

  • It is easier to recognize toll-free codes so your customers and prospects won’t mistakenly call someone else while trying to reach you.
  • Your customers won’t be charged a dime when they call you for inquiries or complaints.
  • Toll-free numbers are not limited to a particular geographical location.
  • Being able to communicate with a human across the phone can boost your customer satisfaction and increase your business credibility.

Another thing you need to understand about toll-free numbers is that it is more memorable and easy to be personalized. There are tons of reliable vanity phone number providers ready to sell you one that aligns with your brand identity.

If you are lucky to work with a reliable VoIP service provider, you will also enjoy cheaper calls. No sophisticated technology is needed to get this started. 

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2. Contact Your Existing Toll-free Service Provider

Are you currently using a toll-free number in your business and you intend to get another one, maybe for a new branch you just opened or for another department in your business? 

If yes, you may need to contact your existing toll-free service provider if you are impressed by their offer and customer support.

Doing this will save you time and might even come with a juicy discount if you are partnering with a reliable toll-free number service provider. 

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3. Contact Other Companies that Sell Toll-free Phone Numbers

how to get a toll-free number for your business in 2020

You can find a large number of companies ready to sell smart international phone numbers, toll-free and local phone numbers in over 100 different countries.

You can reach out to any of them to buy your toll-free 800 number at an affordable price.

Going through any of the recommended toll-free phone number companies near you is a good way to get the best services.

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4. Compare their Toll-free Number Prices and Features

When you have gathered a list of the best toll-free number service providers near you, you can start comparing them in terms of prices, cost of incoming calls, additional benefits, set up fees, customer support, reliability and customer reviews.

Inquire to know the type of US toll-free numbers they are specialized in. Is it the standard toll-free numbers like 844, 855, etc., premium 1-800 numbers or vanity toll-free numbers.

If you are based in Canada, you can get Canadian 1-800 numbers that block calls from the United States.

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5. Make Your Choice

Having read to this point, I’m sure you have acquired enough information to make an informed decision as to which toll-free number service provider you would want to get your digits from.

In case you don’t know, let me remind you that anything you can do to simplify things for your customers is worth doing.

One of the best decisions you will make in your business that will boost your customer satisfaction and increase sales is to work with a reliable provider of VoIP telephone systems.

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