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What does email list cleaning mean and how are business owners implementing it to increase their open rates, build a lasting and highly monetizable relationship with their subscribers and increase their sales volume?

Email has become one of the most lucrative marketing channels worldwide. With a return on investment of $38 for every $1 spent, it’s an avenue many marketers approach with lots of benefits.

However, to achieve such outstanding results, you have to start by ensuring your list is accurate. In this post, we’ll see how email list cleaning boosts open rates and helps you get the most out of your email marketing.

What is Email List Cleaning?

If you’re not familiar with the process, email list cleaning services scan your database and remove bad contacts from it. In time, a segment of your list becomes obsolete and emailing those addresses is not just a waste of money, but is also risky to your sender reputation. An email cleaner solves this issue and prevents it from happening in the first place.

What Does an Email List Cleaning System Do?

Let’s say you’ve never used one, so you’re wondering how list pruning works and how it boosts your open rates. The answer? Email list cleaning improves the quality of your database and, thus, your sender reputation.

Your reputation is an essential asset you have as an email marketer. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) monitor it to see how you conduct email marketing.

If you email invalid addresses or spam traps, or you receive a high number of spam complaints, your reputation declines. As a result, more of your emails will start landing in people’s spam folder or in their Google Promotions tab.

Email list cleaning betters your reputation and boosts email deliverability. As your emails will make it to the inbox, you’ll see an increase in your open rates. That will naturally lead to higher click-through rates and more conversions.

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Risky Email Addresses: Get Rid of Them Easily

Your email list is constantly changing. While new subscribers get added to it, others become invalid or are turned into spam traps. Why does that happen?

Here are a few reasons why some email addresses become invalid or are turned into spam traps:

  • Some of your subscribers change jobs, so their email address becomes invalid. This occurs especially in B2B marketing. Next time you send out an email, that address will bounce and hurt your reputation.
  • Even if they wanted your emails when they first subscribed, some of the people on your list may one day forget who you are and mark you as spam. Users who have a habit of labeling messages as spam are known as “complainers,” and their email addresses are “abuse emails.”
  • Other people simply abandon their email addresses and switch to a different provider. ISPs may use some of those abandoned addresses and turn them into spam traps. These accounts have zero value to your email marketing. Furthermore, their purpose is to block those who send them to them, so they can wreak havoc on your open rates – and overall email marketing performance.

These are just a few examples of how and why your email list changes over time. Now, let’s take a look at other risky email addresses that could be lurking in your list as we speak.

Catch-all Emails

These types of emails aren’t always risky, but you have to keep an eye on them. Start by letting an email list cleaning service isolate them from your list.

It’s important to mention that any email cleaner will have a hard time validating these emails. However, before you rush to throw them away, you can score them and get more insight into their activity levels. If they get a high score, they’re most likely valid and worth keeping.

Role-based Emails

It’s easy to recognize them because their format is something such as [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] These addresses will probably not bounce – unless they’re full, and then you’ll get a soft (temporary) bounce.

Nonetheless, their email marketing value is very low. Usually, they’re monitored by a group of people, not an individual, and emailing them won’t help you boost your open rates and conversions.

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Misspelled Emails

These are a lost cause: they will surely bounce and there’s no reason for you to keep them in your email list.

If a new subscriber makes a typo when putting in their email address, that’s a lost opportunity. Thankfully, email list cleaning services come with an API that you can install on your signup forms. The API prevents typos by suggesting the user make the necessary spelling correction.

Furthermore, this real-time email verifier prevents other bad email addresses from being added to your database.

The Benefits of Email List Cleaning

How to boost your email open rate by cleaning your list and verifying email addresses with API

If you’re willing to play the long term email marketing game, working with a clean email list is vital. The great news is you’ll notice the benefits right away:

  • Your sender reputation improves
  • ISPs will start delivering your emails to the inbox
  • Open rates and click-through rates will increase
  • You have a better chance of connecting with your subscribers, and that’s the first step to a more productive email marketing especially if you are using AI.

So, before you send out your next newsletter and marketing email, take a minute to see whether your list is in good shape.

Email is an important part of our marketing strategy,” says Cassy Aite, CEO and co-founder of Hoppier. “While we strive to grow our email list, we’re also paying attention to its quality. Our goal is to reach the inbox, and keeping good email hygiene is a must,” adds the entrepreneur.

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How to Use an Email List Cleaning System

Ready to start pruning your list? You have a variety of services to choose from and there are two ways to use them:

  • By cleaning your email list in bulk. The process is fast and easy: you upload your database on the platform and the system cleans it for you.
  • By using a real-time email verification API. As soon as you’ve found the perfect service, just ask for the API key, copy and paste it onto your website and you’re good to go.

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