The 50+ Best Popup Headlines That Convert

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How to craft an attention-grabbing popup headlines

Are you considering building an email list and you want to do it fast? There’s a strategy for crafting highly converting popup headlines. It’s a copywriting skill only very few people understand to use.

In this article, we will give you the best 50+ popup headlines you can plug and play today to start seeing more people jump into your email list in droves.

These popup headlines are so powerful that they generate enough clarity, curiosity, and interest that people are willing to give their absolute permission to market to them.

Without much ado, here are the 50+ best popup headlines that are guaranteed to convert.

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50+ Popup Headlines That Convert – Copywriting Examples

After reviewing and analyzing a number of popups created by OptiMonk users, OptiMonk Admin built a list of the 50+ headlines that performed the best for them. Grab a few and then test to see what works for your store:

Promotional Headlines – The aim of these headlines is to sell.

  1. Check out now and receive [number]% OFF
  2. Get a $[number] gift card
  3. Take [number]% off your first order
  4. Sign up now for an instant [number]% off coupon
  5. Save [number]% now!
  6. Sale at [webshop]! Up to [number]% off!
  7. Enter your email for a special discount
  8. Join our email list and get free shipping today
  9. Get [number]% off your first purchase

Urgency Headlines – These headlines add a sense of urgency to the message.

  1. Last chance! [number]% of all products ends tomorrow!
  2. Here’s $[number]off. This purchase only!
  3. Check out our exclusive offers – only for a limited time!
  4. Free shipping if you complete your purchase within 15 minutes
  5. Free shipping on orders over $[number]. Offer expires on [date]
  6. Sign up to our newsletter to get [number]% off! Hurry, offer ends in 3 days!

Email List-Building Headlines – The main goal of these headlines is to collect subscribers, but you can include an offer too.

  1. Keep up with the latest news
  2. Sign up for the newest [industry] tips you won’t want to miss!
  3. Sign up to get an exclusive sneak peek into [blank]
  4. Subscribe to our newsletter and get our ultimate guide for FREE
  5. Get a free copy of [ebook]
  6. Before you go… Grab your free eBook
  7. Join [number] of customers already enjoying [benefit]
  8. Enter your email for your chance to win
  9. Get your free membership today!
  10. Don’t miss out on our amazing offers!
  11. Enter to win your dream [product]
  12. Subscribe for access to email-only deals
  13. Receive special offers only available to subscribers
  14. Enter your email and get a free gift!
  15. Sign up to receive your promo code
  16. Get the latest tips from top influencers
  17. Get free instant access

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Question Headlines – These headlines pose a question to your visitors. The goal with question headlines is typically to make visitors click on “YES” in response to your question.

  1. What are you waiting for? [number]% off
  2. Up to [number]% off [product]?
  3. Are you ready to boost your [blank]?
  4. Do you want to boost your [blank]?
  5. Want to score [number]% off your first purchase?
  6. Are you ready? Get your bonus right now!
  7. Leaving so soon? We just wanted to give you [number]% off…

Command Headlines – These headlines will clearly tell visitors what to do.

  1. Wait! We want to give you a [number]% discount for your first order.
  2. Wait! You forgot your free copy of [ebook]!
  3. Wait! Grab this free eBook!
  4. Don’t miss our special offer!
  5. Grab a free [something] now!

Direct Headlines – These headlines are straightforward and get right to the point.

  1. Get free shipping
  2. New products in stock
  3. [number]% off
  4. $[number] off any [product]

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