3 Digital Marketing Trends You Cannot Ignore in 2020 and Beyond

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Digital marketing trends 2020
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The marketing techniques you used in 2017 may not work as well as they used to in 2019. Digital marketing has changed more over the last three years than it has in over five. The trends do not seem to slow down – the digital landscape is dynamic and volatile. Marketing gurus such as Eyal Gutentag advocate for updating marketing techniques to keep up with changes in technology.

1. AI Is Now Mainstream

Only recently, you could have dismissed AI as imaginative science-fiction, but today, AI is the driving force in many marketing campaigns. Companies such as Uber and Microsoft use robots to man their gates. These robots collect data such as car registration numbers, detect suspicious activities, and report to the office. Better yet, these robots are cheaper to run compared to human force.

Companies such as Google and Facebook have used AI for a long time to offer targeted ads. Search engines also use AI to tailor search relevance and target audiences.

2. Personalization and Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising employs AI and machine learning algorithms to automate ad buying. Real-time bidding, for instance, is an AI-automated process that results in higher conversions and lower customer acquisition costs.

Programmatic and search-driven advertising campaigns consider such factors as keywords searched, time of the day, and location. This information lets you personalize ads to target individual potential buyers. Again, when you understand your target audience, you will need to personalize content, products, messages, and emails to improve your ads’ conversion rate.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots have now graduated to virtual assistants. Instead of employing online assistants, you implement chatbots that give instant responses to queries and guide customers on your website. Most customers love chatbots because they remember your buying history, they provide useful answers, and they never get impatient. Chatbots are revolutionizing customer care, and more companies will continue to adopt them in 2020 and beyond.

Modern digital marketing is information-driven and experience-oriented. AI, machine learning, and big data are powering almost all digital marketing tools. Its time your business started considering the use of modern marketing strategies to keep up with the market dynamics.

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