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Consequences of Not Building Your Own Online Platform

Why you should build your own online platform
Build your own online platforms today
  • Blog URL blacklisted.
  • A Facebook community of 1.6 million members lost.
  • Over 50 rich content deleted shared on Facebook deleted in one day.

To celebrate my International Award, where I had received the “2019 Blogger of the Year” from Global Excellence in Marketing Awards, USA, Facebook owned by Mark Zuckerberg blacklisted the blog that made me win the award.

What that means is that we can’t share our blog URL on Facebook and Instagram anymore. I don’t have strength to appeal it.

Fortunately, what they did had absolutely no ZERO impact on our revenue because I can beat my chest and say that I’m a King Kong when it comes to search engine optimization.

Ask any blogger you know, search traffic and social traffic are not mates.

The first one will grow your CPC while the second one will kill your CPC, especially if your blog traffic is not coming from tier-1 countries like the United States, Canada, UK, etc. Traffic from Africa and Asia is a total mess to your CPC.

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While it’s easy to get social traffic faster, if you truly want to play the Blogging Game like a Boss, then mastering search engine optimization (that brings you search engine traffic) is the real deal.

I’m not feeling bad as it were because I knew a day like this would come.

But… I’m feeling for newbies and unprepared experts like you building their skyscrapers on another man’s platform.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and Instagram are just borrowed platforms.

You don’t have a physical business, no blog, no mobile app, no huge email list, only multiple skyscrapers on another man’s land and you think you won’t wake up one day to meet the shock of your life?

You can’t be more careful than some of us making thousands of dollars on these platforms

No… I’m not saying this so you can buy my blogging course. Far from that.

As a matter of fact, I won’t even sell my blogging tutorial to you if I think you don’t need it. I think marketers who sell ice to Eskimos are bereaved of integrity. I’m not one of them.

I’m sharing this as one who has seen both sides of the coin, mastered both borrowed and owned platforms and also earn money from them.

Why You Should Build Your Own Online Platform as a Creative

If you are a thought leader, don’t advise your followers to create more Facebook communities.

It used to work before but not anymore. That’s a waste of precious time that should have been invested in growing a forum. You can only do otherwise if you are smart enough to quickly move your audience to the platform you own.

My friend lost his Facebook community of 1.6 million members months ago. I couldn’t write about it when it happened because he was still recovering from the shock.

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As a social media influencer, encourage your followers to build their own blog and develop their own mobile apps.

Encourage them to build their personal brand so they can become a walking authority. People will follow them anywhere they go.

And encourage them to plant a ‘money tree’ that can be secretly making money for them so they can use it to fund their hustle and the lifestyle they want.

If you can’t get a blog, get a mobile app.

Doing any of these two things above will literally force you to step up your content creation game like a pro.

When you start using mobile app or a blog to grow your business, it will make you to be a more strategic business owner.

The best part of building a business blog or mobile app for your startup is that you will at the same time be building a real ASSET you can transfer to your children when you die or retire.


I’m not asking you to completely leave social media. Never! What I’m saying in summary is that you shouldn’t build your beautiful skyscraper on another man’s land.

If you need help creating your own blog or launching a mobile app, contact us.

Emenike Emmanuel
Emenike Emmanuel is a multiple award-winning blogger, CEO of Entrepreneur Business Blog, Chief Evangelist of Ebusinessroom Ventures, and the Lead Coach of an online community of over 12,000 business owners called, The Excellent Entrepreneurs' Network. He’s here to help you start, manage and grow a profitable and sustainable business using digital marketing strategies. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Pinterest with this handle, @emenikeng. Telegram group - | Email: [email protected]

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