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Why Getting Embroidered Work Shirts for Your Staff is Vital in 2019

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Why your business needs embroidered work shirts in your 2019 marketing

Nothing says “I love my job” like an embroidered work shirt!

That may sound a bit dramatic but there’s definitely some value in this: The unity it creates makes work shirt embroidery extremely appealing for the modern business owner.

This creative way of sprucing up a boring shirt can bring many advantages to your business that you likely didn’t consider up until now.

Though a seemingly small alteration to make, embroidered work shirts bring notable elevation to the morale of any workspace. And that’s only one of the benefits.

We took this notion and sought out exactly what it is about embroidery that is so appealing. Is this what your business needs in 2019?

Why Embroidery?

Embroidery involves the coming together of many colors of yarn to make a delicately woven image or word on fabric. It’s essentially the most accurate form of sewing there is.

Because today’s market requires accuracy, embroidery is rarely done by the human hand. Embroidery machines are the preferred method of creating this effect as the designs can be far more intricate.

Embroidered products are therefore creative and unique; two appealing factors to any workplace.

Embroidered work shirts can be made by professional embroiderers in bulk batches or single units. The work can be done on shirts as well as hats, jackets, pants, gloves — you name it! So long as the surface is of fabric, you’re sorted.

This makes embroidery a quick solution, time-saving and versatile so you can utilize it in a way that makes sense for your brand.  

Types of Embroidery

There are different forms of embroidery that can be sewn into a work shirt to obtain the desired effect. Here’s what you can pick from.


Embroidered work cap used in branding and marketing

Embroidering your company’s logo to the shirt of your employee is the first option to look at.

Embroidery machines can replicate intricate designs into the fabric, so a logo is no problem at all. Having your company logo on all the staff shirts comes with a range of benefits in itself, many of which we’ll explore further in this guide.

Image and Word

For the sake of emphasis, you could consider embroidering both images and words on your employee work shirts.

Consider a logo image on the front pocket and perhaps your company name on the back. The opportunities for embroidery placement are somewhat endless as they’re not zone-specific when it comes to shirts.


If you really want to get the moral flowing, consider using embroidered work shirts as a way of honoring each employee.

By embroidering each staff member’s name to their shirts you’ll create a sense of character on the uniforms. It’s also a great way for big businesses to get staff communicating better with one another, as their names are right there on the shirts.

This method of embroidery also cuts the need for name tags in the workplace. Name tags tend to get lost or break, while an embroidered name on a shirt won’t. 

Advantages Your Business Needs

Want to know if this is worth the effort and cost? Then it’s necessary to explore the many advantages of embroidered work shirts for businesses. We’ll explore the most notable ones, but there is no doubt far more, especially in terms of each person’s personal experience when receiving their shirts.   

Sense of Teamwork

Having a uniform in a workspace brings a sense of community and teamwork into play.

Shirts that have been embroidered to match shows your employees that they’re part of a group and not isolated.

Providing your staff with shirts to wear is also a great way to lift the stress of dressing daily. No need to worry about what they’re going to wear day after day; they have an embroidered company shirt ready each morning.  

This is the kind of teamwork spirit found in many startups today.

Sense of Value

Particularly in the case of personalized embroidery, work shirts bring about a sense of value for all in the environment.

Knowing that your employer went to the effort of embroidering your name to your uniform makes you feel like you matter and have been noticed, even if just in a small way.

Don’t underestimate the power of personalized embroidery when it comes to work uniforms. They’re great givers of purpose and recognition. And that will improve productivity, job satisfaction and brand impact when workers speak positively about your company.


A notable advantage to having all of your staff in embroidered work shirts is the free advertising it brings to your company. This is why it’s important to have the logo and company name somewhere on the uniforms of your staff—always make sure it’s visible.

Clothing is worn both on and off-premises, so people have the opportunity to see it all over town.

It’s a simple form of branding and marketing at its finest.

Business Uniformity

Lastly, there’s something reassuring about seeing all employees dressed neatly in business uniforms. For all involved, there’s a sense of structure and balance that will no doubt filter through to the work ethic of each individual.

Clients are far more likely to put trust in your business if it appears that those working for you are well taken care of; so being appropriately dressed shows consumers your values.


As you can see there are many advantages that come with a simple addition: Embroidered work shirts.

Embroidered work shirts have been proved time and time again as great additions to boost company morale. Are you a market leader in this aspect of business yet?

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