Safety First: 5 Ways to Protect the Pedestrians During Construction

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Protect pedestrians

Safety is so important when it comes to construction sites and making sure you comply with the laws or being proactive in making sure the public is safe, and you’re diligent for the things you’re liable for is an essential part of your job.

However, whether you’ve been in the construction industry for a long time, or you’re new, and you’re looking for information to keep you in the know, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re going to explore five of the key ways you can help to protect pedestrians, making sure there’s a minimal risk of danger.

#1 – Set Up Site Boundaries

The first thing you’re going to want to define on every construction project is the boundaries of the project. You need to set up clear fences and barriers that clearly mark where the pedestrians and go and where they can’t. Make these as inaccessible as possible.

This is to stop people randomly walking in and finding themselves at risks from the potential dangers. This is also a law in most places in the world, and you can be fined for not doing so. Make sure you’re putting up ‘No Trespassing’ signs to make sure it’s super clear.

#2 – Get Organized

As with all things in life, the best way to protect the public from the dangers of your construction site is to be as planned and as organized as possible.

This means thinking and brainstorming all the possible dangers that could come from each project you’re working on, and then thinking of professional solutions to overcome them!

#3 – Setting Up Proper Diversions

In some cases, you may be constructing in a certain area which means pedestrians are going to have to take a different route. In this scenario, you need to make sure the alternative route is clearly marked and easily accessible. Otherwise, people are simply going to walk across and put themselves in potential danger.

#4 – Clearing Trip Hazards

Another really important thing you’ll need to remember is not to leave items, equipment or materials laying around where members of the public are able to trip over them. This is such an important point to consider, and failure to monitor this could lead to hefty legal fines.

As a rule of thumb, simply make sure all your employees are aware of this rule and are proactive in keeping an eye out for potential dangers, as well as making sure they’re tidying up after themselves.

#5 – Mindful Machine Operation

One of the biggest risks that are common with construction sites is the risk of machines hitting or dropping materials and loads into/onto the public. If you’re operating in an urban area, this could mean operating a crane over a road while carrying something like a steel pipe for construction.

In some cases, this is simply unavoidable, which means you need to be even more proactive in making sure the driver and all staff related to the project are aware of what’s going on, and also on the ground to help direct and look out for pedestrians.


There’s no denying there are lots of things to think about when it comes to protecting the public in and around your construction site. The main thing to remember is to be vigilant and pay attention while doing everything you can to minimize the risks.

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