Infographic Reveals How Employers Are Using Social Media To Make Hiring And Firing Decisions

Did you know that employers are now using the social media activities of job applicants and employees to make their hiring and firing decisions respectively?

A lot of people probably don’t know and that is why they wouldn’t mind posting trash on their social media platform. But if you are wiser, you will pay rapt attention to what we are going to teach you today.

Right now, some of the biggest questions probably going on in your mind right now are;

  • Why do employers use social media when making hiring decision?
  • Why do employers use social media when making firing decision?
  • What exactly can an employee post that will threaten their job position?
  • How can I get people to keep posting positive things about me across all social media platforms?
  • What do employers look out for on the social media timeline of the person they want to hire or fire?

Social media is a new technology. It may not feel that way, as Facebook and Google have become household necessities. Compared to the telephone, radio or television, social media has gained prominence in our daily lives at an alarming pace.

Social Media Impacts:

  1. Political Life
  2. Social Life
  3. Professional Life

Political Life

In 2018 we are hearing news daily of how social media outlets were used, or perhaps manipulated in recent elections in the United States. There have been congressional hearings and several platforms have changed their approach to paid social media advertising. Facebook, in particular has been under scrutiny. It even got worse to the extent of affecting Facebook stock, making Facebook to lose billions of US dollars in one day. Twitter and other platforms have had radical changes in their digital platforms as well.

Social Life

The impact that social media has our social behaviors has been well-documented. Speakers like Simon Sinek and scholars such as Sean Achor have been detailing how many young people are literally addicted to social media. The smart phones they use allow for continuous engagement with multiple social media platforms at once.

Professional Life

Employers have been struggling to figure out the boundaries of an employees professional persona and where the line is drawn with their personal life. Before social media, this was much clearer. Personal lives were largely private.

In the social media age, personal information, events, preferences and statements are much more public. This has led some companies to take very strong punitive action for social media conduct, even when it has been done off-hours.

According to a study done by HubShout, 30.4% of employees are “Not Sure” if being fired because of a social media post is an infringement of First Amendment rights.

Infographic: How Employers Are Using Social Media To Make Hiring And Firing Decisions


While social media and associate technology platforms are relatively new, the impact on our political, social and professional lives has been swift. While it is unclear exactly what the future of social media holds, it is a safe to say it will be even more public.

More than 25% of the employers have seen content online that caused them reprimand or fire their employees. Don’t be a victim after reading this.

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