Life Hacks That Can Save You More Money At Home

Life Hacks That Can Save more Money At Home

What are the life hacks that can help anyone save more money at home without stressing out?

The idea that we spend a significant amount of money on and within our homes is not a new one. For many, the end of the month represents an apprehensive time as people prepare to receive the bills that outline their total spending.

For those hoping to save more money, this can be frustrating as finding new and creative methods for cutting back can be a bit challenging. Luckily there are a few sneaky ways to get around a lot of the expenses that we incur regularly.

Even better is the fact that many don’t require putting forth a lot of effort to begin putting that money right back into your pocket. To help you in your quest to cut down on those end-of-month scares, here are a few tips for saving more money at home.

Vampire Energy

The term vampire energy is lost upon many people but its effects are not. Vampire energy is the energy usage that occurs when electronics have been powered down but left plugged into outlets.

These devices may consume energy for a number of reasons including the need to perform updates or wait at the ready to be powered back on quickly. The electricity that is leeched off during this time adds up as homes house a number of devices that are simultaneously plugged in at any given time, even if they are all off. As a result, individuals can unwittingly spend several hundred dollars on a high electric bill they did not receive the full benefit of.

To stop the draw of electricity in your home, be sure to unplug your devices after you have powered them down.

Turn Down The Water Heater

The water heater is the appliance that is responsible for heating up the water that your home is supplied with.

Everything from the sink and shower to the dishwasher and laundry machine depend on it to heat the water they provide, but this does not come without a cost.

The water heater within your house is regarded just behind the heating and cooling system as the most costly thing within homes. And because the standard heater includes a hot water tank that houses your store of warm water, the costs is a perpetual one as water is continuously heated to provide an immediate supply when called upon.

To begin saving on the expense of the water heater, turn down its temperature. Many times the default temperature is set to 140 degrees Fahrenheit when it can be set to 120 degrees. This won’t cause a noticeable change in the feel and will save you a nice chunk of change.

Use Your Microwave

Though many utilize it for the likes of popcorn or a quick reheat, microwaves are capable of much more than they get credit for as they are able to be used as a substitute for the oven.

In addition to preparing food much faster, they do so without nearly as much energy. That means that dinner can be done cheaper and without the wait.

One of the often overlooked side effects of using the oven is that the heat created actually spreads out into the house, raising the internal temperature of homes. When this is done, people will often end up costing themselves by relying on their homes’ cooling capabilities to bring things back down.

The microwave will allow you to avoid that kind of heat getting into your home and the subsequent spending as well.

Hosting a Party

When it comes time to host a party or event in your home, the amount of time, energy, and above all else money required to ensure our guests a good time can be more than we bargained for.

There are some ways to begin driving that cost down however, as the different facets of holding a social gathering enable savings in a number of places.

One of the most notorious expenses of hosting a party comes from the cost of providing alcoholic beverages for the event. In terms of expense, drinks can rival the amount spent on food.

This particular cost can be reduced by having your guests bring their own alcohol. This way, you’ll be avoiding one cost and you won’t have to hear any grumbling about selection.

If you feel compelled to purchase alcohol, the best route to go is to provide wine or beer and to purchase from a wholesale club where it can be bought in bulk.

Change Your Bulbs

For a number of homes, the predominant type of light bulb used is an incandescent. While this may seem to be just as effective a means of lighting spaces as any other, in reality incandescent bulbs are the least energy efficient out there.

In addition to maintaining the shortest lifespan of any bulb, up to 90% of their energy can be converted to heat energy instead of light, meaning these may be the culprits for your home’s warm temperature.

As your bulbs burn out or perhaps sometime before that, consider making the switch to more efficient bulbs.

Compact fluorescent bulbs have been found to save around $50 for the duration of their lifespans and they can last three times as long incandescent bulbs. The same goes for LED bulbs which are considered to be the latest and greatest light bulbs available.

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Douglas Keller has been a financial expert for 20 years, helping people reach financial stability. He now provides personal finance tips on his blog Peak Personal Finance, where he helps people save money on their bills every month.

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