Why Highly Industrialized Businesses Are Using Phenolic Wheels to Save Cost

Why Highly Industrialized Businesses Are Using Phenolic Wheels to Save Cost

If you are working with a company that handle heavy-duty equipment you need pay close attention here if truly you want your organization to save cost.

Moving industrial equipment inside warehouses and factories requires wheels that can take a beating from the usual wear and tear in this type of environment. This is not something any true manager should trivialize.

To deal with this in an effective way, one option is the phenolic wheel.

These wheels are resistant to corrosion from water, oil and grease as well as the commonly used acids and solvents. They do not leave marks and will not cause sparks.

So, if you are interested to save your company from being sued by your employees as a result of avoidable accidents that not using phenolic wheels might cause, I request that you see some of the main benefits of phenolic wheels:

Non-marking Material

This type of wheel is specifically designed not to leave black marks on floors when moving about. This is important for maintaining the floors in good condition for the workplace.  Wheels that leave black marks can eventually degrade the floor and require strong cleaning, thereby increasing the company’s running cost.

Withstands High Temperatures

The temperatures in factories can become extremely hot, especially if materials are being melted and furnaces are being used. Phenolic wheels can withstand these very hot temperatures and continue functioning efficiently.

Highly Resistant to Corrosion

All sorts of materials can end up on a factory or warehouse floor. Therefore, the wheels on the vehicles that are moving across the floor must be resistant to all these potentially harmful materials. Phenolic wheels are resistant to these toxic materials so if there is the spillage on the floor that hasn’t been completely removed, phenolic wheels can withstand the corrosive effects.

Reasonably Priced

Compared to other types of wheels phenolic wheels are not expensive. Buying a collection of these wheels for your vehicles and equipment can also pay off in the end. If expensive items are often moved around your factory floor, these wheels can be an assurance that your property is safe and secure.

Phenolic wheels are designed with the purpose of carrying heavy loads such as would be common in the industrial workplace. Whether you have machinery or heavy equipment, phenolic wheels can transport materials without mishap. By choosing this type of wheel, you can rest assured that no matter what you must move, the wheels moving through your warehouses will function properly and have the capacity to handle the job.

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