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5 Reasons to Setup a Remote Dedicated Development Team

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Who else wants to have a remote dedicated development team?

Modern businesses are facing new challenges – from lack of tech talents to high concurrency in the market. No wonder every company is now looking for new ways to resolve upcoming issues and overcome their difficulties.

When in need of IT professionals, many big-brand companies decide on building a dedicated development team remotely. This is why you could see companies in the U.S. working with software developers in India, China and Eastern Europe.

Setting a team of dedicated tech experts becomes more popular due to wide range of benefits it provides. Let’s discuss the main reasons why different-size companies choose this model.

Why Setup a Remote Dedicated Development Team?

1. Cost Efficiency and Transparency

It may be hard to believe, but hiring software engineers on a remote basis allows to save up to 60% of overall development costs and operating expenses.

This is due to the fact that living costs and salaries largely vary in Eastern Europe and USA, UK or Canada, for example.

In such way, instead of spending huge sums of money on recruiting one or several programmers in-house, you can setup a team of professionals from other country.

The interesting thing is that there’s still no compromises on service quality or end result. A trusted offshore software development company will hire experienced IT minds choosing from the best candidates according to your requirements.

Transparent budget means that no hidden or overhead costs are included, and you know precisely what’s included in the price. This allows to control entirely the project spending and minimize risk of exceeding the expected limit.

2. Efficient and Risk-free Management

If you know how to build a remote team, it ensures your complete control over the working process.

In case you are new to it, here’s a quick guide to get you started: set the requirements towards candidates, indicate project terms and achieve the results as planned.

For the fact that offshore software development companies focus on clients’ needs, business owners can make any changes along the project.

If you are considering of moving your team to another project, adding new team member or scaling down the team to one member, contacting the offshore development partner is the best option.

One striking reason we said having a remote dedicated development team is risk free is because you can still monitor the entire development process by yourself.

Agile and Waterfall tools ensure seamless collaboration with new team members allowing for a faster product delivery.

Regular reports, Skype meetings and evaluation procedures are all the elements ensuring successful cooperation with your remote workers.

3. High Quality of Service

When turning to offshore software development partner, you can be sure of hiring a trusted provider of superior software development services.

This can be explained by a high competition between IT companies, who are striving to provide better services than their competitors.

In particular, if you considering setting up a SaaS in the U.S., UK, Canada or any part of the world, please note that Eastern Europe is known as top outsourcing and offshore IT destination.

In fact, Ukrainian IT specialists are in high demand worldwide due to their strong tech knowledge and skills. IT market is very well developed in Ukraine, as well as tech education.

4. Quick and Easy Launch

Offshore software development team also known as remote dedicated development team
When an offshore software development company works on your project.

Unlike hiring tech experts in-house, building an offshore development team is much faster and demands less efforts on your part.

This allows you to avoid long and tiring hiring process, including screening software engineers and conducting personal interviews. In fact, all you have to do is set your requirements, project needs and wait until experienced IT recruiters select the right candidates.

After your final approval, the company ensures official employment of your remote employees, providing them with fully-equipped office, necessary equipment and support.

All in all, team setup process takes from 1 to 3 weeks depending on your team size and required professional skill set.

5. Increased Loyalty

Remote dedicated development team model is more long-term oriented than traditional outsourcing. Your remote employees are just as interested in the future of your business as in-house workers, with the only exception – they are not situated in the next-door office.

Companies, especially those that launch software on digital marketplaces like JVZoo and WarriorPLUS that need post-release support of a software product or advice will be very likely interested in such form of cooperation.

Your remote workers know all the ins and outs of your company’s processes and m culture, which is a considerable advantage for businesses.

Pros and Cons of Remote Dedicated Development Team

Of course, like any other collaboration model, offshore software development has its benefits and downsides.

Among the most important pros are reliability and dedication, as well as increased productivity and flexibility. However, this type of software development might not be suitable for short-term projects.


Before making your choice, it is vital to clearly identify a type of software development services you need, a scope of your project and time/money expectations. This helps you to avoid missing your business goals, work redone and excessive expenses.

Choosing a reliable software development partner is also a decisive step to make. With so many companies offering their services globally, you might feel in doubt which to hire.

In such case, choose the one which fits best your vision and goals.

Whatever is your reason for hiring remote employees, remember that fruitful collaboration depends on you as well as your future business partner. You must understand that with clearly set requirements, strategy and business needs, you can achieve the desired results and even more.

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