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How to Determine the Right Kind of Business You Should Start or Invest into in 2022

How to know the right business to start in 2018

Read This If You Want To Determine The Right Kind Of Business You Should Start Or Invest Into In 2022

How to know the right business to start in 2018

If you think finding a profitable and sustainable business idea is hard, you are right.

That knack for sensing a “great” business idea that’s guaranteed to succeed all day long and the courage to embrace it at all cost aren’t something everyone is born with….

Yeah! Some actually have to put in more work in developing their capacity till they come to the fullness where they can literally imagine money flowing from every damn thing they come across. It can be that serious, trust me.

So, if you are in a state where you desire to start your own business, expand your current business or build another stream of income but it seems no single business idea is popping up in your mind, don’t beat yourself anymore.

Or in worst case scenario you mistakenly followed an assumed-expert’s advice and you ended up flushing your money down the “drainage” I also have the same word for you: don’t beat yourself anymore.

Shit happens, you know.

It’s true you made those mistakes in ignorance but I can bet you, you won’t repeat that again after reading this article.

At the end of this article, you will discover exactly how to determine the kind of business you should start and those you should avoid like a plague no matter how much people claim they are making from it.

Before we proceed, let me tell you how money is made…

To make money, you have to SELL SOMETHING.

BUT wait! That’s an incomplete truth, anyway. Here’s the whole truth:

“To make money, you have to SELL SOMETHING THAT PEOPLE WANT.”

That’s the first baby step you’ve got to take when trying to choose the kind of business to start in 2022.

But if you are comfortable selling ONLY to your family members, friends and colleagues, you can as well ignore this first step.

If no, get the recap once more so that it sinks well: “Sell something that people want.”

The business of your passion is good but if it’s not what people want at the time, keep it as a side hustle until you emerge as an authority. Then you can use, “The Halo Effect” to sell them out your passion.

Next is …

Start or have a business that’s LOCATION INDEPENDENT.

If you already have an existing business that will become completely grounded or put in a state of instability if something happens to your current location, then you need to start thinking out loud. Think!

You have two choices here. It’s either you bring your business online or you start an online business to support your current business.

And if you are already running an online business but all your traffic (sales) come through social media or an e-commerce website that you have absolutely no control of, then it means you should be planning ahead too. Building your own e-commerce site or a simple blog might help you level up.

Based on my experiences, I’ve known businesses like:

1. Mini importation

2. Agency businesses (social media management, Facebook advertising, Google advertising, SEO, etc)

3. Freelancing (graphics, web design, writing, etc).

4. Blogging (I have a detailed course on blogging called, Blogging Business Masterclass as an international award-winning blogger)

5. Affiliate Marketing

Because these are businesses you can operate from any location and win as much as your schedule and strategies can permit you.

Interestingly, you don’t need a graduate degree to do any of these businesses.

Another unique way of determining the kind of business you should do in 2022 is to find a SCALABLE BUSINESS and focus on it.

If there’s a limit to which your business can grow and it will stop growing no matter who’s running your growth hacking team, then it’s time to start thinking outside the box… Preferably, just take the box away.

If you have no system put in place to handle increasing demand for your products and services while maintaining your profit margin, then it also points to the fact that you’ll have some lids on your business growth.

Do you know why?

To get that level of result in your mind, you will need a business that can be scaled. So, before settling for any business, ask yourself:

If I’m giving a Grant of N50m to invest in this business, what will I do differently?

Be honest in your answer. Don’t fake it. If you can’t answer that accurately, go back to your business coach, you still have a whole lot to iron out with him for your business expansion strategy.

Having said these things, I want to introduce you to a product that will show you how to start a business that people are already interested in, a business that’s scalable and of course, location independent.


This is one video course on Mini Importation a lot of people have been looking forward to. I literally had to beg my millionaire friend to put this together because I know many of our readers would like to start a new business but don’t have an idea of a profitable and sustainable business to venture into.

Mini importation business in Nigeria

In these 9 video lessons packed up in your membership dashboard, you will learn:

  • What mini importation is all about, opportunities therein and how to get started.
  • How to source for profitable products you can buy and resell at 200% profit and above.
  • Details on how to get your products to Nigeria in 7 days maximum and even get a discount doing that.
  • How to identify fraudulent merchants so that you don’t fall prey to their gimmicks.
  • Quick and super-easy ways you can market your products as soon as it arrives Nigeria. With this alone, people will start placing order even before the products arrives.

That’s not enough.

You will receive access to the membership site where you can log in and watch the step-by-step method at your own time.

You can finish your training in one day or you can follow them one lesson per day for 9 days.

Interestingly, you will have lifetime access to your account as long as your username and password are intact.

Like you already know, I overdeliver.

Inside your membership dashboard, you will see the following BONUSES:

1. 25 Hot In-demand Products You Can Start Importing Today

2. My Unique Product Sourcing Template (via emails)

3. Guide on How to Open a PayPal Account that Can Receive Money in Nigeria

4. Highly Converting Facebook Ad Models You Can Copy Today

5. Instant Support System

Are you ready to learn how you can start importing products without crossing the border? With Mini Importation Cash Storm, you will hit your financial goal faster than ever.

Pay: N10,000 into:

Ebusinessroom Ventures
Access Bank (Diamond).

Alternatively, you can use this Paystack secured payment link:

After payment, send your email address & proof of payment to Whatsapp 07036251361.

With me, you will always get the best business ideas.

I care about your business growth.

Emenike Emmanuel
Online Business Coach

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