Market Research Business Masterclass – How to Make Others Pay You for Enriching Your Brain 

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how to carry out market research

how to carry out market research

Market Research Business Masterclass is a new course I just launched which will run consistently throughout the month of August 2017 and subsequently as new members indicate interest to take it.

In this masterclass I will take participants by hand to help them discover and learn the following:

  • How to pick a niche to carry out a market research on (if they don’t have one yet) that people would be interested in enough to pay.
  • What to add in your market research that people will find extremely valuable enough to pay for.
  • How to advertise your knowledge so that people will often consider and recommend you when matters in your niche is raised.
  • Basic tools you need for an effective market research business.
  • How to gather vital information long enough before people will even ask of it.
  • How to determine what your lead magnet should be.
  • Case studies of companies that are already doing this and are making hundreds of thousands of dollar. Looking at their model, you can easily copy ideas and implement immediately.

Bonus: Open support as you build your one page site and products if you are going into it full-time.

Market Research Business Masterclass runs for a period of 3 hours per day for 5 days and starts by 8 pm WAT.

By the following week, everyone is expected to have picked a niche, gathered the first phase of information, developed at least one content and placed the first advert (free or paid).

This is the best time opportunity you have to earn money with ease. I said with ease because others are going to pay to carry out a market research that will not only enrich you intellectually but also make you an influential person.

Can you imagine that feeling where every new company coming into the country will be beckoning on you to help them assess the situation and offer them a report? Or when you will become the last hope of a struggling company?

Think about that and tell me if you won’t rule millions out of it, knowing that they are helpless without you…


Thank you.

Emenike Emmanuel


To participate, pay the sum of N5,000 into:

Account Name: Ebusinessroom Ventures

Account No: 0098000761

Diamond Bank PLC.


Send proof of payment to [email protected] or 07036251361 (Whatsapp)

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