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How to Close the Enterprise Sale

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Buyer networks are growing wider, more complex, and diversifying in different ways every day compared to the old sales methods. Enterprise sales also gets more complex with sales reps using different techniques and strategies for various businesses.

Companies now aim at utilizing sales operation platforms with the goal of reaching out to their prospects with confidence. Most web-focused professionals want their clients to come to them. But on the contrary, enterprise software sales require the salesperson to visit their customers and establish one-on-one interactions.

close enterprise sale

Understanding Enterprise Selling

Selling for enterprises is somehow similar to the SMB sales, but the salespersons may need to understand the clients that they deal with along the way and maintain a good relationship with them. Therefore, enterprise selling cycles may take longer to complete due to their complexity compared to the SMB cycles.

Enterprise companies in the United States spend approximately $36billion every year on sales software. This means that enterprise selling incurs huge costs right from the small customer base to the larger clients. But this is an exception for using social selling.

How to Upgrade Your Sales

The sales industry relies on the life-cycle stage of a product and the competition levels instead of the relationships.

When conducting the enterprise software sales, the salesperson should know the value of their products, which helps in making compelling endorsements on their items.

According to Salesforce, the leading cloud business software developer in the United States, salespersons should use a different approach when selling to big enterprises compared to the SMBs. They should expect that their clients have done a lot of research about the product of sale, hence the need to be better equipped with facts and in- depth knowledge of their items.

Benefits of Enterprise Selling

 Enterprise sales can help a business in numerous ways when executed properly. Some of the ways include:

close enterprise sale and how to make profit

1. Providing a platform to showcase different products

Enterprise software sales give an opportunity for a business to demonstrate the complex features of a product and their performance.

The presence of sales representative at hand to answer the questions about the product increases the client’s understanding of the items leading to increased sales.

2. Development of an excellent customer service

Enterprise sales involve lengthy interactions with customers about the products and the services in a company.

An excellent and quality customer interaction and effectiveness on the non-sales tasks would help create a good relationship with the customers.

3. Increased future transactions

Enterprise selling involves collecting the statistics and data on the response of the client’s about a product. You may like to know how SMBs leverage on this data collected.

Most sales representative use various sales management tools that help in the streamlining their processes and gaining a better insight about their customers. The data collected helps in automating their services depending on the client preferences leading to increasing transactions.


Therefore, enterprise selling is important for companies aiming at providing top-notch services to their clients with the goal of experiencing growth.

The sales representative should learn how to influence their customers through proper research, persistence, and commitment. Remember that the customer aims at finding a service that will provide excellence in their companies through your product. Therefore, you need to invest in the value of the product to influence sales.

Robert Cordray is a former business consultant and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. He’s a writer with interest in the business and tech industry. You can connect with him on Twitter, @RobertCordray

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