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How to Make Your Business Blog Free From Plagiarism

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deal with plagiarism


Plagiarism is a common crime nowadays, and somehow the impunity and leniency that exists have proliferated the rise of plagiarized content everywhere on the internet today. You may be a struggling startup that wants content that is trending and viral but most importantly, unique. However, you are probably torn between making a fresh content, which you fear will flop, or a trendy topic, which is most likely a copycat.

Now the problem is how can you make your business blog free from plagiarized content?

Before discovering the ways on how to do just that, you must know first why your business blog should be plagiarism-free and how it can affect your online visibility.

Why Bother To Be Unique?

Make your business blog plagiarism free

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There’s a very little recognition to being unique nowadays; almost everyone piggybacks on someone else’ content, especially those who are recognized as “authority” sites. If you are a blog owner wanting to get into Google’s first page, you might be tempted to copycat these authority sites as well, just like anyone else in your niche does.

But Google, the most commonly used search engine globally, isn’t going to let copycats squeeze through their search results. In fact, Google has been very adamant and created an algorithm update just for plagiarism and other DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) violations. In case you didn’t know, Google launched Pirate, an algorithm update in answer to the said DMCA violations.

DMCA covers all web-related or digitally inclined content that is not covered by the Copyrights Act, and it has some corresponding punishment when violated. No, you don’t have to get to the point of getting an intellectual property rights lawyer, the information is at your fingertips.

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The Google Pirate Update is said to have greatly impacted piracy sites that stream movies and music, but it also covers content that is posted on blogs and pretty much everything that is on the internet. The reason why it is important to have unique articles is simply that it is a rule of thumb in SEO and PageRank.

If you are looking to increase your online visibility, you should be able to have a consistent update on your blog posts; that is also one of the greatest factors that affect how Google’s algorithm would rank you in the search results of related keywords you have used or on your niche.

If Google’s algorithm finds that you have a duplicated content elsewhere, it will automatically demote your ranking in the search results, or worse, you might never be found in organic or paid searches forever unless you find a valid reason why they should lift the penalty up.

Aside from this, if in case Google’s Pirate couldn’t see you robotically, someone else can report you directly to Google by simply filling up a form Google has provided online. If there is a valid claim, Google will send you a notification or “cease and desist” order to either tear down the said page, if not remove your copycat site altogether. All your efforts are thrown to waste.

If you fear that otherwise, someone else will copy your content, there are several ways you can track plagiarism online. There are tools such as headline trackers, Google Alerts and countless more online. You can also search other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, AOL, YouTube, Facebook (yes it’s a search engine!), etc. for you to counter check them as well. Your content can also be copied somewhere else on the internet.

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How to Be Plagiarism- Free

There are so many ways you can avoid plagiarism. It’s not just a matter of interest; it is all about your willingness and commitment to creating meaningful and fresh blog posts that are helpful to your readers or subscribers. Here are a few ways to be free from plagiarizing your content:

Research the Newest Trend on Your Niche

You have to commit time to research. As a blog owner, you have the responsibility to research topics that are fresh and hot. As mentioned earlier, this is also one way for you to improve your visibility online because Google and other search engines, like content that is fresh.

Avoid plagiarism on your blog

Source: Pixabay

Research Topic According to Your Location

Research what’s trending on your location, through this you can write content that is targeted geographically, if you are aiming to increase your local reach, then this is one of the best ways to go. Being able to write for local trends can also drive traffic not only to your site but also to your local stores. If you have local stores, then you can target your articles to your neighbors.

Write about Any Hot News, Political, Entertainment or Not

Writing news can be very tedious especially if you are not used to, but you can use local or global news now and then when creating articles. Writing news is also one way for you to drive online visibility as searches are mostly about trending global news. If you can find a specific angle that can help you relate the news to your business or niche, then that’s perfect!

Research Related Niche and Look for Gaps in their Content

This is probably a difficult thing to do but one of the most productive content you will ever make. Writing about content gaps will help you create fresh topics, curate new ideas that are helpful and produce something that everyone is probably looking for. Look at what your competitors have written and stand out.

Avoid plagiarism on your blog

Source: Pixabay

Talk about Your Experiences

Your personal experiences will for sure as unique as your fingerprints, so talk about your insights during that particular experience. Most of the people connect better through narratives and personal experiences, so writing about your personal experiences can be very helpful in driving more traffic.


Creating original content for your business blog regularly can be very challenging, especially if you don’t have a team big enough to cater the need, or if it is just you a one-man team for now. But if you aim to get better page ranking, then this is the way to go.

Like Bill Gates, himself said, “Content is king.”


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  1. Great article Vincent! I am personally happy that Google and other search engines penalize websites that plagiarize content. I like to talk about personal experiences or topics that I have a passion about so I am not tempted to copy someones work. While I have gotten inspiration for a topic from another writer, I do not want to plagiarize.

    One thing I haven’t researched is which site gets penalized. Is it based on date it was written or date it was found? I am sure that a sophisticated plagiarizer would change dates of their posting to get the other website penalized? Any ideas on this since I haven’t read up on the topic?

    Thanks again for a great article and look forward to the discussion!

    1. Hi Erik,

      Thanks for stopping by. As it concerns your question, I don’t think any sophisticated plagiarizer can be smarter than Google. Even deleted content shows up on Google search engine, so will they also find out without stress.

      I hope you do understand?

      Emenike Emmanuel

      1. Emenike,

        I would agree with you. I am sure Google has some type of process in place to penalize the plagiarizer and not the person with the original content. No matter how you look at it, write your own original content to be on the safe side!


    1. Hi Louis,

      Thank you for stopping by to read our blog post. Researching a trending topic in one’s niche to write on can be very challenging if you try to do it manually. But you can use BuzzSumo to do that with ease. It has a lot of analytics a blogger would need.

      What do you think about that?

  2. Very accurate info here. Something that can also help is using free tools such as “Plagiarism Checker” in order to inspect your content before you publish it, this way you ensure that you don’t have any duplicated paragraph that might look as plagiarism. Also I always perform a google search with the post tittle I have in mind, enclosed in quotes, this also helps me make sure that mi post title is unique.

  3. Hey Vincent
    Great post! Very insightful informative and useful,real great idea writing about this topic I definitely have to agree with Emenike I’m sure Google knows who the plagiarist is and will definitely penalize them. Thanks for sharing this value packed post and Emenike keep up the super job on your blog this is my first time commenting here lot of great content.

  4. This is awesome. To think that I watched a video that said if you are to steal then steal like an artist.
    I really love this timely blog post.
    I also think that plagiarism makes you the king of nothing.

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