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3 Businesses You Can Start Tomorrow


Are you thinking of starting a business soonest but don’t have any idea of the business to start? Most people blame it on capital while others don’t even know who to blame. Anyone can start a business, it’s all about what business you want to start. I do hear people say things like, ‘I want to start my own business, but I don’t know what to do, any idea?’

Also, when looking for what kind of business to start, most people are heading towards ecommerce because it is the hottest trend to be part of right now.

What if I can show you 3 businesses you can start tomorrow with little or no startup capital. Are you aware you can start a business for free? What if I tell you that you don’t need experience to start a business but you just need to take that leap? Like Steve Harvey will say it, “You need to jump.”

If you are waiting to attend that business seminar before you can get yourself ready, you will wait forever. You just need to make up your mind that you are ready to start a business and then take action.

Now, are you ready to start a business before this year runs out? Have you really made up your mind? Alright, let’s get to it, here are 3 businesses you can start tomorrow.

3 Businesses You Can Start Tomorrow without Spending a Dime

businesses to start today

3Businesses You Can Start Today to Make Money

  1. Home Teacher

Do you like teaching? Are you good at Mathematics and English? This business does not involve any startup capital to start. You just need to let parent know that you are available to teach their children.

If you are already a good teacher in a school, this will be very easy to start. I must let you know that this was my first business before I became a freelance writer. I was getting lot of request from parent who had heard about me from the testimonies of their children, and wanted me to teach their children at home.

I was making ₦25,000 a month aside my teaching salary and it was very helpful. I also had a friend who got his clients through printing flyers to glue at various location of his street.

To really get parent quickly to hire you, you need to know how to market yourself very well to parent. You must not be a teacher to start, just tell your church members that has kids, tell your pastor to help you.

You can even get extra teachers that you help fix with parent that need home lecture teacher and you get a commission from each teacher salary every month. This was exactly a business model that a guy started in Ghana years back.

  1. Nanny Services

There are rich parent looking for nannies to help them cater for their children when they are at work. Some just need someone to help with domestic work at home mostly those that close late at night.

Starting a nanny service is one business that can be started tomorrow. You can start a nanny service by placing nannies with families that hire your services. You can promote your business services by printing and distributing flyers to parent in urban areas around you.

You just need an office (which you can use your home) and advertisement materials. You will also learn to build trust so that your clients can trust you and refer your services to their friends.

  1. Freelancing

Freelancing is one kind of business that can be started tomorrow. It is one of the easiest businesses that can be started anytime, you just need to have a skill that you want to trade with.

I know of a guy I use to hire to help me clear my compound because I thought it a waste of my time to do it myself so I employed someone to do it for me while I devoted my time in making money with which I will pay him. That is freelancing.

I paid a guy to help me fix something on my blog and I paid him for that. That is freelancing. I do hire some people that have love for writing and love to get paid to write to help me with some of my writing gig. That is freelancing.

You don’t need to depend on sites like Fiverr, Gigbucks, Elance and others to start your freelancing business. Just let people around you know that you are available for a particular service. Announce it on your social media platforms, turn your timeline to your advert board and start making money immediately. Do you best to know all that you need to know about freelancing.

Take this post into mind and use it for your advantage. Please do me a favour by sharing this post with your social media circle if you really love them, you may never know who it will help. Your thought are also welcome in the comment section.

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