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EBB LogoHello friends.

My name is Emenike Emmanuel. I am an award-winning writer and motivational speaker, the CEO of Entrepreneur Business Blog, Chief Evangelist of Ebusinessroom Ventures, Lead Coach of The Excellent Entrepreneurs’ Network (TEEN), convenor of #NaijaSitUp and the founder of Aba is Good Online Magazine.

I am the author of the following books: Sell More in Less Time, Bridge the Gap, Activating the Ministry of Angels, How to Be an Entrepreneur of Excellence (audio book), Deliver the Future and Repackage Yourself for the Year (audio and paper copies) and many more.

The blog you are reading now came as a result of my passion to help entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses.

I’m always of the opinion that the internet should be used as a tool to disseminate useful information that will help entrepreneurs become better no matter where they are in the world.

For a couple of years now, I have been assisting individuals and corporate organizations gain visibility online.

It’s a pop-pleasing pleasure as well as a privilege to welcome you all to one of the world’s most dynamic business blog designed specifically for entrepreneurs.

I am happy that we are taking this journey of being a blessing to entrepreneurs to a greater height.

Entrepreneur Business Blog is an extension of The Excellent Entrepreneurs’ Network (TEEN) designed to raise entrepreneurs of excellence.

What You Should Expect Here

On this site, we shall be sharing in depth information on the following categories:

Business Ideas and Tips, Blogging Tutorial, Career Advice, Tech Business, Finance, Interviews, Publishing, EBB Intelligence etc that will help our readers become smart entrepreneurs by saving them time, energy, money and stress.

We shall work round the clock to ensure that you get nothing but the best here.

Contrary to what are obtainable elsewhere, we shall from time to time offer free business consultation to 5 of our most active readers.

So always endeavor to leave a comment to register your presence.

We Need Your Support

To grow this business blog to the height we desire, your moral support and prayers will be highly needed.

Let the world know you read an article on this blog by sharing it Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn, Google+ and Whatsapp. We can’t go global without your support.

If there’s a topic you would want us to write on, please feel free to mention it to us and we shall conduct an in-depth research on that and come up with something amazing and business-transforming.

How Often We Publish Here

As a result of the numerous activities calling our attention, we may not be publishing more than 3 articles on this blog every week for now.

However, you can be rest assured that all articles published here are original. By that we are saying that we will never duplicate an article we published with our clients on this blog.

In a situation you discovered that someone copied an article from our site without approval, we will be glad if you report such blog to us.

We Are Human

I won’t fail to let you know that the brains behind this blog are all human.

I said that to say that it is natural for human beings to make mistakes.

So when you spot any error on this blog, please, we crave your indulgence in advance to pardon us. And in brotherly love, use this email address, [email protected] to call us to order.

We shall be very pleased with you.

How to Advertise Here

At the moment, the only adverts we permit on this blog include:

Poduct Review and Endorsement, Press Release, Sidebar Text Ads, Banner Display and other forms of Sponsored Posts.

If you are looking for a reliable organization to handle your social media management and other forms of digital marketing services, you can get in touch with the best digital marketing agency. We will help you drastically grow your business using social media on a low budget.

If want to Own a Blog, learn How to Make Money Blogging or you just want to Generate Massive Traffic to Your bBog, you count on us.

: Price is negotiated based on the task involved.


God bless you for making this dream a reality.

To your greatness

Emenike Emmanuel
CEO, Entrepreneur Business Blog
[email protected]

Emenike Emmanuel
Emenike Emmanuel is a multiple award-winning blogger, CEO of Entrepreneur Business Blog, Chief Evangelist of Ebusinessroom Ventures, and the Lead Coach of an online community of over 12,000 business owners called, The Excellent Entrepreneurs' Network. He’s here to help you start, manage and grow a profitable and sustainable business using digital marketing strategies. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Pinterest with this handle, @emenikeng. Telegram group - | Email: [email protected]

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