About is an online resource centre with requisite information and tools that educate entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to start, grow and manage their businesses. Entrepreneur Business Blog is made up of a team of young and brilliant entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Through EBB Intelligence, we deliver our industry research and insight.

Our Facebook community for entrepreneurs, The Excellent Entrepreneurs’ Network (TEEN) is the fastest growing Facebook group for entrepreneurs in Nigeria. There we share ideas and tips that enable us raise entrepreneurs of excellence. Every Friday by 5pm (GMT+1), we stage one of the world’s most interactive online conferences called, #NaijaSitUp. At the online event, we invite experts (known as Key Interactors) to handle a particular topic while it will be moderated by our CEO, Emenike Emmanuel or whoever he appoints.

About the Founder/CEO

Emenike Emmanuel is the CEO of, Aba is Good Online Magazine and the Lead Coach of The Excellent Entrepreneur’s Network (TEEN). He is the author of Activating the Ministry of Angels, How to Be an Entrepreneur of Excellence (audio book) and Deliver the Future and Repackage Yourself for the Year. He has been featured on Emerald TV, EnterpriseBoom, Zealmat and Atang Magazine. As a Physicist, he co-published a research journal titled, Corrosion Inhibition Effect of Anthocleista djalonensis on Mild Steel in 1.0 M HCl with Dr Lebe Nnanna at International Journal of Engineering Research and Reviews.